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SRAJD #899
Welcome to Bent, Warped & Twisted

Thank you for your interest in our precious metal and lampwork bead jewelry designs. Each of our jewelry items is individually handcrafted using nickel-free precious metals and components, natural semi-precious gemstone beads, genuine Swarovski® crystal beads, cultured freshwater and saltwater pearls and, most importantly, spectacular handmade lampwork glass beads created by some of the most talented glass artists in the known universe. (This is OUR opinion of them, if we didn't love their work we wouldn't be using it, but if you're here to look at our work you're looking at their work too so we're giving them equal credit!)

Before I go any further I have to thank my Mom and Dad for everything they've ever done for me and for always having my back. All that I am, do, know, have and have the potential to be is because of them. I love you both and know EXACTLY how much of a pain in the can I've been. Aren't you glad I gave you grandchildren you can borrow and give BACK when you're done making them rotten?

Our work is fairly simple and straightforward - we use sterling silver, .999 fine silver and solid gold wire and beads, along with natural semi-precious gemstone beads, to accent the spectacular lampwork glass beads created by artists like Alexandra Spingerschell of By The Sea Glass Art, Rebecca McGlynn of Three Muses Glass, Tracy Jarrell Akhtar of Hey! Where'd You Get That?, Theresa Bishop of Lawson's Fork Glass Beads and many others to bring our eclectic and occasionally demented artistic insiprations to life. Most of our designs are noticeable and eye-catching without screaming "WHAT were theyTHINKING?" but if you're into the really extreme and attention-DEMANDING, we can do that too!

My jewelry tells my autobiography. I've had a really awesome life so far and have had some great times with great memories and I'm interpreting those into my work. Whether it's my trips to the beach in Florida when I lived there as a kid or the time my entire boarding school went on a "Monotony Break" to Annaruby Falls and I fell into the water there's a piece of me in everything I create. The pieces that are most precious to me stay in my own collection... the ones that relate most closely to my parents, my children and the happiest moments of my life. The others are the ones I want to share with the world, the joy I've felt, the love for life, the indescribable appreciation for every person, place and event in it.

I work in my home studio in Oglethorpe County, GA along with my two daughters, ages 16 and 9, both of whom are also jewelry designers. My 16 year old daughter Caitlin handcrafts Caitlin's Dragons, the baby dragon pendants used in my Dragon Eggs jewelry suites. She also crafts an exquisite line of crocheted sterling silver wire jewelry (Caitlin's Creations) which is available for purchase in our Etsy store. She uses natural gemstones, glass seed beads, focal beads crafted by some of the best glass artists in the known universe (again, in our opinion!), freshwater pearls in an enormous arr ay of colors and really interesting things like dried, lacquered appleseeds, dried Indian corn and fiber-optic glass. I can't begin to tell you how talented she is - and I'm repeating what total strangers have said about her. I'm her Mom, I'm EXTREMELY prejudiced in my opinions of her talent :)

My younger daughter Bridget Rose, age 9, is just a beading fool and makes everything from necklaces to rings to earrings. She has just worked her way up to sterling silver wire and is learning to make crocheted sterling wire pieces in addition to wire-wrapped jewelry and woven wire jewelry. Bridget is currently working with organic media such as pearls, wood beads and lampwork beads that she has picked out of a number of orphan bead lots that we have recently purchased.

My 8 year old son Ned is our quality control specialist, if it doesn't pass muster with him it gets remade until he deems it perfect! He is also the design consultant for the Dragon Eggs series because he can spot Dragon Eggs in batches of beads the second I get the package open and he's a little on the OCD side so he's meticulous about how all the little orphans are gathered together into little "families."

Our items are available for sale in our store - please feel free to browse around! We have a wide variety of items to suit all tastes, occasions and budgets and are always happy to custom-craft a piece for special events or occasions. Please contact us for a price quote on custom items.


We guarantee all our work unconditionally. If any of our pieces has a problem just give us a call and we'll repair it for you. We warrant all our jewelry against normal wear and tear, this includes everyday wear and things like small children who love to play with shiny things because we understand that jewelry is one of the shiny things that attracts small children and it should be tough enough to stand up to them, teething babies and all. We do NOT warrant our jewelry against things like dropping it down the trash masher, tangling it in the weed-whacker, running it over with the four-wheeler or other catastrophies that are the obvious result of extremely reckless behavior. We do expect you to exercise a modicum of common sense and we do take Murphy's Law into account because in our household Murphy was an optimist and O'Toole's Corrolary rules the day. We understand POO HAPPENS.

If your precious bauble develops issues just give us a ring (or an email or a text message or, if y'all are out here in Oglethorpe County, just open the door and HOLLER!) and we'll arrange to pick it up and fix it for you. As long as you own it. And we're alive. Obviously if we're no longer alive we can't fix it.

Know your rights as a consumer - visit "Parc Botannia showflat", the US Federal Trade Commission website's jewelry buying guide, for information on how to be an informed and educated buyer. Keep the internet a safe place to shop!

SRAJD #899